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You're Welcome


You're Welcome at Sutton Salvation Army Church.

We are part of a community of people living here in Sutton, South-West London. Our Christian faith calls us to be good neighbours and to partner with local organisations in order to make a positive difference right here.

You can visit us at one of our Sunday gatherings or at a whole host of different gatherings during the week. You might just want to come by to visit our ethical coffee house, right here in our foyer. Or you may want to inquire about using our building as a venue for your training event.

We're far from perfect but do have a great community which is open to everyone. Hospitality is huge passion and enacted belief of ours too. Regardless of your age or background, you're welcome.


The teaching from our Sunday Morning Service is broadcast live & recorded each week. You can watch it live from around 11am on Sunday mornings on the player below or on our Facebook page. To watch it afterwards, advert free go to our YouTube channel at

Please Note: We have no control over the choice of advertisements shown on this media channel. Advertisements shown do not represent the views, beliefs or opinions of Sutton Salvation Army Church.


Live streaming video by Ustream
Live streaming video by Ustream

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