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New Church Leaders:

Our church leaders Richard and Caroline will be leaving us in the summer.  It's obviously a big moment and often a sad one, when people we've loved - and who've loved us - have to move away, especially after 9 years living and journeying together. More will be said in the days ahead.

However, we need to remember that God calls us all to ministry for our whole lives and, in a Salvation Army context, this usually means different places at different times. The Salvation Army has a system of appointment which means that all Officers (ordained ministers like Richard and Caroline), are appointed to a position. This appointment usually comes after a level of consultation but is usually unknown to the officers until they receive confirmation from The Salvation Army leadership. It is this process that sees Richard and Caroline moving on from Sutton.

It has been confirmed today that Richard and Caroline will be going to serve in The SA's South Western Division. A division is a geographical region which will emcompass Salvation Army churches and social services centres. There are 18 'divisions' in the UK. They will be based in the lovely city of Exeter. So book your holidays now!

Caroline is going to be Divisional Director for Personnel (and Divisional Director for Women's Ministries) and Richard is going to be Divisional Director for Evangelism in the region (covering Avon, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.) These roles mean that they will effectively take on the responsibility of being second-in-charge of this south western region. Our love and prayers will be with them as they prepare for these new challenges.

So, what of the future leaders for SuttonSA Church? Well, we are very pleased to announce that Richard and Caroline's successors will be Captains Gordon & Kate Cotterill, who are currently serving as Spiritual Programme Directors at the SA's William Booth College. This is the college where Richard and Caroline have been doing teaching in recent years and the place where people train to become Salvation Army Ministers.

The Cotterill Family We thank God for Gordon & Kate and their family, Bethan (16) and Erin (11) and we look forward to seeing more growth and flourishing of God's work under their leadership in the years to come. We will also share more information with you about this family in the future.


"Dear Sutton SA Church.We simply want to commend to you Gordon & Kate, who, from July will be your new SA Church leaders. We know the Cotterill's and are so pleased that they have been appointed here. We believe they are the right people for this SA church and know that the future of Sutton SA Church is in good and faithful hands. We hope you will all look forward to having the opportunity of getting to know Gordon & Kate during the next few weeks and months and, we know, will ensure the warmest of welcomes to this fabulous SA church.Please uphold the Cotterill family in your prayers as they will begin preparing to lead you forward.Love to you and God bless you all. R&C."

We hope this is helpful information. Please join us in praying for Richard, Caroline, The Cotterill Family and our church as we transition through the days ahead.

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