Every Saturday unless the rain is seriously heavy we meet in Manor Park, Sutton at 10am. We finish around 11.15 and everyone aged 5-12 is welcome.

Our story (so far..)

We started our football club 5 years ago. To begin with we had 3 adults and 3 children we now have a committed team of adults, around 25 kids each week, over 60 kids on our books and lots of parents involved too. The recipe is simple; we have warm up exercises, drills to develop skills and a match at the end all taking about an hour and a half. We use our local public park, Manor Park, and allow anyone aged 5 – 12 to take part. The football has transformed our own perceptions of our area as we have deepened our relationships with tens of local families and external agencies such as the police. The local Safer Neighbourhood team paid for our kits and equipment and have been very supportive as they have seen our commitment to the local area.

One of the best developments has been for us to see the healthy integration and development of relationships between young people already attending our church with other local kids, particularly from the main estate where the hall is. One of our biggest prayers has been that the football wouldn’t be a bolt on programme but that it would give life and direction to other aspects of our corporate living out of our faith. Our humble Saturday morning football is therefore sincerely referred to as church on Saturday. Its been a privilege in the last 3 or 4 months to have several dedications taking place of footballers younger siblings during our Sunday morning services. Some of these families may not come every week but do feel we are their church and connect into us in all kinds of ways. Another great outcome has been to see many young people from within the church stepping into leadership and finding a meaningful, attractive way of expressing their faith and passion for sports locally. We have gradually all been learning how God really is interested in every aspect of our life and that passing a ball is one of the easiest ways of starting relationships with people we may otherwise have nothing in common with.