You probably have some questions about us - maybe these are some of them...

First time at Sutton Salvation Army Church?

When you arrive you will be given a welcome pack. In addition one of our welcome team, or regular attenders will happily show you round our space so you know where everything is even the loos! We specialise in hospitality so hope you find your first time a really relaxed and welcoming experience.

Do I have to be religious or a Christian to go to church?

You don't have to be a religious person or already a Christian to come or to be interested in what goes on in a church. The regular members of our church are all Christians, but we love having visitors whether they are Christians or not. People won't be judging you or looking down at you at all. We want you to feel right at home.

Will I be asked for money?

Money is never an obstacle to anyone being a part of our community.

Some of our community programmes charge a small fee to cover costs (like Toddler Time for example).

We also have a voluntary offering in our weekly Sunday services. This is an opportunity for partners of our church who regularly come and choose to give. You are welcome to give, but equally welcome to just pass the basket along to the next person.

Every now and then we also participate in national or local appeals for funds for a variety of projects ranging from Salvation army social work to supporting poor communities in the developing world.

What happens in a service?

Sunday services are relaxed gatherings. Normally we sing, pray, read the bible, chat, listen to music or watch a short video. This gives us space and opportunity to engage with God and each other, reflect and express our faith. There will also be a speaker who will teach from the bible. This is normally easy to listen to and helps us understand what relevance the Bible has for life and the world around us today. All the words, pictures and video we use in our services will be on a screen so you never have to worry about what to say or do. There will usually be some notices to let us all know what is happening and then we all have coffee together after the service.

Children and young people are very special to this church and there are specific kid's programmes and a creche happening at the same time as this service. These are run by our dedicated team who have all been police checked, trained and love working with kids.

Will I be asked to say anything?

No. We want you to be comfortable and just take it all in.

How long does a service last?

Our 10:30am service on Sunday usually finishes by 12:00pm.

What do I wear?

Anything you like! Comfortable clothes like jeans, or smart casual is pretty normal. When people choose to be a member of the church, some choose to wear a Salvation Army uniform. This may be a formal or more relaxed (t-shirt, hoodie) style but, whichever is worn, this is another way of expressing the 'army' metaphor in a visible way.

If you have any other questions, just ask!