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The Big Picture

The Salvation Army is first and foremost a church. But we are also a charity. Belief in God and faith in Jesus Christ is the source of the love that motivates our worldwide ministry. It is also the source of our strength.

We are an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Our message is based on the Bible. Our belief in God, expressed through worship and prayer, leads to our belief in human worth and human potential. This motivates our actions, which aim to transform individuals, and ultimately the world, for good.

In a world where so many want to wage war through violence, the 'army' metaphor is more relevant than ever. Our fight is for peace, justice and hope, but it is undertaken by peaceful actions inspired by concern for the needs of others.

The Salvation Army is no ordinary army. We have a presence in 111 countries worldwide. We operate more than 15,000 centres and have more than a million 'soldiers' (members). Our enemy is often invisible: hunger, sickness, need, oppression, despair. These are met without discrimination. The Salvation Army fights with only one weapon: God's love.

SO how does all of this relate to the local vision at Sutton?

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