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Local Vision

Our community here in Sutton is a part of this big, global, picture and we share the same aims focus. The way we express that is in a response to our local community and context. 

Our vision is To be a community of hope, living out the hospitality of God so that people can move closer to Christ. In a nutshell we put it like this:

Transformed community - transforming community.

Fleshed out, this vision can be summed up in a set of values that guide us. These are deep, heart, mind and soul values that are based on truths from the Bible. 

We have a biblical, transformational world-view centred on the person of Jesus Christ that speaks to our present culture.

We see the centrality of worship and prayer as the heartbeat of authentic encounter with the living God and of our lived community in Christ.

We are finding ways of being and telling the good news of Jesus in our community with integrity, because people matter to God.

We have a deep concern for social justice which is seen in the Bible as fundamental to the character of God, and marked by passion for the hurting, marginalised and oppressed. 

We are focused on creating diverse, loving community that is hospitable, welcoming and breaks down walls because the space between people is not great and should be celebrated as holy joy in the Spirit of God; attractive, mysterious and transformational.

We meet in small groups, as well as large, because we believe networks of relationships provide the best way for life change through participation, vulnerability and mutual accountability.

We believe in radical personal lifestyle that pursues devotion to the inner call of Christ, maturing in the spiritual disciplines, service and devotion to God in every area of life including the godly, sacrificial stewardship of our time, talents and material wealth.

We encourage creativity because we see it as a reflection back to the world of the Creator – through simple beauty, language and symbols that can be readily understood beyond the church, anointed teaching for life change, and joyful celebration of God who in Christ, meets with us in our everyday life.

 We practice contemplation and reflection, inviting wonder, listening and a sense of mystery that speaks to a generation feeling disconnected from the depths, who need rescuing from the undiscerned, unlistening life - Trapped at surface level, alienated from the deepest language of our humanity

We support innovation where initiatives are taken at the periphery, the experimental is valued, failure is accepted, and people are empowered to take responsibility for implementing change.

These values aren't just hollow philosophy but ideals we live by. We would love to chat with you about what they mean for us all

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