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You're welcome! Right from the start we want you to know that you are very welcome here.

Church for us is not a building or a set of traditions, but rather, a vibrant and diverse community of people. We are passionate about loving and serving the community that we are a part of and that includes you!

As leaders of this church, we can vouch for the focus and direction of this group of people. We care deeply for the needs and hurts we see around us and want to bring God's healing to those situations. We want to share our hope with everyone. We see love as central to all we do. Sutton Salvation Army church is focused on transformation - of our own lives and the wider community around us.

We're really looking forward to connecting with you and we genuinely want that connection to grow into friendship.When you're here, feel like you belong, because you do. Make yourself at home because this is a 'home', for all of us. At Sutton Salvation Army Church you will find friendship, fun, support, a deep faith and a real sense of spiritual adventure.

You're always welcome!Gordon & Kate Cotterill

Gordon & Kate Cotterill
Church Leaders

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